Walk & talk therapy

Welcome to a breath of fresh air in therapy – both metaphorically and literally. Step outside the confines of four walls and embrace therapy in stride at Mind X Associates. We are proud to present a refreshing approach to self-exploration and emotional wellness through our Walk & Talk Therapy, facilitated by our licensed clinicians.

What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

Walk & Talk Therapy combines the empowering principles of traditional talk therapy with the invigorating process of walking in nature. This innovative approach invites movement not only in your physical state but also in your mental and emotional journey towards healing and growth.

Why Walk & Talk?

Research and experience tell us that movement can be therapeutic. Engaging in physical activity while exploring personal challenges allows for a unique synchronization of body and mind, which can foster:

Our Approach

Under the guidance of our licensed clinicians, sessions are tailored to embrace your unique pace and path. Our Walk & Talk Therapy is grounded in:

Safety and Comfort

The safety and comfort of our clients are paramount. Walk & Talk sessions are conducted in safe, public spaces that respect your privacy while providing a serene backdrop for therapy. We adhere to all guidelines to ensure a confidential and secure experience.

Getting Started

Embark on this journey with us. Begin with a consultation below with one of our licensed clinicians to assess the fit for Walk & Talk Therapy in your therapeutic process. Together, we'll map out a route that aligns with your therapeutic goals and physical comfort level.