Independent clinicians, working together.

Your practice, your way - with support for everything you need.

Our approach

Private practice can be isolating and overwhelming - providers lack meaningful clinical support and are suddenly responsible for tasks usually handled by billing departments or administrative assistants.

At our collective, we provide clinical, administrative, and peer support to independent clinicians.

If you’ve ever felt alone in your private practice, had a client you wanted consultation for, or spent your evenings catching up on work - we’ve been there, and we can help.

Do what you love.

You should be focused on your clients, not getting overwhelmed with practice logistics or finding continuing education.

Our approach provides clinical support and a suite of other benefits designed to make managing your practice simpler and easier.

Independence, not isolation.

We are clinicians who know the benefits of private practice, but understand the challenges: isolation, lack of support, and the administrative burden of operating your own business.

Our mission is to disrupt the existing oppressive systems by empowering  clinicians  in private practice with the collective support.