Integrated Therapy

We are pleased to offer integrated therapy services. Integrated therapy means that your therapist has a holistic, whole-person perspective when providing care.

Our licensed clinicians utilize various practices in an integrated session, such as meditation, breathing exercises, sound, and visualization to engage your whole self. This integrative, holistic approach to therapy not only treats the mind, but the body. These practices are informed by findings from scientific research suggesting that integrated practices are effective for the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and depression. Integrated therapy practices help draw attention to your breath and body to promote relaxation, and teach you techniques for quieting your mind, in order to engage more fully in your life.

Integrated therapy sessions consist of a mixture of the following practices:

Benefits of Integrated Therapy

Integrated therapy provides an opportunity for those who find it challenging to manage work-life balance, mood fluctuations, every day stress, and those that want to try something different than traditional talk therapy. The techniques used in integrated therapy can help you feel more open and willing to share with your therapist as well. You will learn helpful strategies to increase your awareness in the present moment that you can practice at home to help reduce stress, feel calmer and to better manage life’s ups and downs. Integrated therapy has been found to be particularly helpful for anyone who has experienced trauma and those suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).