Cross-Cultural Services

Are you feeling home sick? 

Do you constantly get reminded that you are an outsider here in the U.S. or even back in your home country?

Are you questioning your decision to come to the U.S. in the first place?

Are you afraid that you may be perceived as a "loser" if you decide to return back to your home country?

Are you struggling to present yourself as confident? 

Do you feel anxious or felt “tongue-tied” in group discussions, class presentations?

Do you find this voice in the back of your mind saying that you are not enough?

Do you experience micro-aggression or overt racism in your daily life?

Are you physically and emotionally exhausted after working so hard?

Do you feel invisible?

Our licensed clinicians would like to let you know that we fully understand what it is like to...

Let us create a safe space for you to express your inner needs

We’ll work together to develop new and compassionate relationships with these unpleasant experiences. We’ll address current concerns and challenges. We’ll explore your values and goals together, and utilize them to motivate you to overcome current challenges—to become who you really are.